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About Us

Studio AUM is a design thinking firm that helps create and bring to market award winning products, services and experiences. Design thinking is the process of combining the designer’s sensibilities and methods to arrive at solutions that are commercially viable, technologically feasible and more efficient. It can be applied to all components of business and can be embodied as a competitive advantage and an increasing number of companies understand and endorse this now. We help such organizations deliver better results by using this integrative way of thinking and problem-solving.

Our aim is to set industry standards through our projects while being committed to our clients’ requirements. We constantly challenge our teams to turn every thing we create into award winning ideas. We are currently pursing ideas and solutions in the following areas:
User experience design
Brand experience design
Non-traditional marketing & communication
Social innovation




  • Interaction Design
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Marketing & Communication

Main Office

704 Shibas Glen
Kapadia Lane
Hyderabad, AP 500082


phone: +919848037935

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