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3D Nation is a company committed to transforming product ideas into real-life product prototypes. We aim to make beautiful, cost-effective product design within reach of anyone who has an idea and the desire to see it in three dimensions. Our team of expert product designers and engineers is passionate about bringing this service to everyone: inventors and entrepreneurs who want to test out a product idea, business owners in search of a new product, interior designers whose clients request custom decor – the list has no end! Our transparent pricing system means you know exactly how much product design will cost, and our 3D printing technology allows you to get full-scale prototypes quickly and cheaply.

We also provide Kickstarter consulting should our clients require additional capital to bring their product to market. Multiple consulting plans are offered, ensuring that you get the exact services you need.




3D Nation Design


  • Industrial Design
  • Strategic Consulting

Typical Project Budget

less than $10,000


Our Plan 1 for basic product design begins at $299.

Location 1

Central Square
Cambridge, MA 02139
United States


Reginald Raye
phone: 617-520-4305
Website: 3D Nation Design contact@3dnationdesign.com

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