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Yesterday's Multimedia Challenge

Creating consistent communications using emerging technology is difficult, especially when relying on multiple vendors to bring your message to market. While one firm may design a campaign, another is responsible for delivery. Managing this message is more challenging when technological requirements are introduced. How can you be sure one focused message is maintained on all marketing channels, yet still reach the widest-ranging audience?

Our New Media Answer

Chicago Producers turns this potential problem into a cost-saving solution by controlling each step of your communications strategy. We take your message and properly format it for electronic distribution, traditional print, CDs, DVDs, and the Internet. As experts in today's technology, our consultants know exactly what cutting-edge technology will reach your target audience. By combining the best local facilities with a full-service consultative approach, Chicago Producers provides unrivaled results.

Why New Media?

Our targeted new media solutions have compatibility across both digital and traditional marketing platforms. Your customers will get only the information they need, at the rate you want. Chicago Producers targeted new media solutions are a cost-effective way to promote your image.


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