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We are Maven, a design and envisioning firm fueled by creativity. We work with small start-ups, large brands & sometimes we even design our own. We offer services including product design, packaging, strategic envisioning & experience design. We foster a culture that nurtures individual creativity and a passion for design. Our open studio empowers our team to work nimbly and collaboratively.

We help you companies navigate the unknown by looking at problems through cultural, behavioral, technology and business lenses. We visualize relevant scenarios informed by insights, in order to align stakeholders and build project momentum. Our approach to envisioning balances ideal user experiences, visual storytelling, and business needs. This allows us to quickly create, test and iterate experiences, empowering your team to make informed future facing decisions.

Design is our core. We leverage our multidisciplinary experience to create solutions that are not just beautiful, but functional and relevant to your business. We work closely with your product teams to understand stakeholder needs, identify opportunities and develop human centered solutions with a clear line of sight to the marketplace.



Maven Design


  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging
  • Branding

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Atlanta Office

692 Kirkwood Avenue S.E
Suite C1
Atlanta, GA 30316
United States


Maven Design
phone: 404) 500-1839

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