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Lancer | Elevating the Drink Fountain Experience

Client: Lancer

For trusted brands in the rigorous food service industry, pushing into new territory can be challenging. On the other hand, a lack of innovation is an invitation for competitors and startups to claim market share. Lancer boasted some of the best electromechanical solutions in food service — but their consumer user experience was in need of a major update.

Simple vision. Lancer wanted to build a feature-rich but relatively compact unit driven by a single, large-format touchscreen. Pushstart engaged with Lancer to craft a holistic design solution, including the unit’s industrial design and user interface. With little design language to draw from, Pushstart needed to invent a new visual system to feature Lancer’s experience upgrade.

Complex requirements. Pushstart worked in lockstep with Lancer’s larger internal engineering group to ensure design concepts would meet manufacturing and maintenance requirements. When the opportunity for an in-store pilot arose, Pushstart facilitated the creation of a handful of prototypes while working with Lancer’s software integrator to translate designs into reality.

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