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Fontanot US is an Italian design company that specializes in DIY spiral staircases. Their wide array of prefab staircases are completely customizable through the website's user-friendly staircase planner. With just a few clicks of the mouse, design the ideal modular staircase to fit your interior design needs, adjusting dimensions, color and materials. Fontanot designs and manufactures products 'Made in Italy,' that have always been synonymous with high quality and commitment to tradition. Their innovative designs include space-saving staircases for limited space options as well as sustainable options for the eco-friendly decorator. Fontanot uses high quality materials that are a mix of various woods and steel.
Fontanot also takes care of creation, production and installation with an extensive line of customized contract jobs. Their forty years of technical expertise and experience is displayed in various reputable locations such as the Scavolini show room in NYC and the Trish House in Kent.

Fontanot US


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Location 1

75 Jackson Street, Suite 401
Newnan, GA 30263
United States


Robb Gillion
phone: 770-683-9190
Website: Fontanot US

Additional Locations

Location 2

Office 7 The Store Room Fitzwilliam Road
Rotherham S65 1SL
United Kingdom


Mark Chapman
phone: +44 01709 821555
Website: Fontanot UK

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