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WERKEMOTION s.r.o. is an independent design studio based in Prague, CZ & Bratislava, SK – the heart of Europe and the center of automotive industry. The studio was founded by Bystrik Micek, a person with a lot of professional experience mainly in transportation, industrial and visual design. WERKEMOTION s.r.o. offers an engaging portfolio of premium design services. It includes high-end transport and industrial design, attractive styling and elaborated solutions, idea-making and product marketing with successful new selling tools.

The products can be described as delicate yet powerful, innovative yet qualitative. They are objects, but still emotions, with a strong bond that arises the very moment you experience them. The team is built from powerful, young, creative and actively innovative visionaries, all blessed with mad skills and strong experienced background. Every product they create is a guaranteed satisfaction.

Vehicle & Product design is focused on services in transporation design (exterior & interior styling for Automotive, Commercial vehicles, Naval & Boats, Agricultural & Military vehicles) and in industrial design (electronics, furniture, jewellery).

Branding design covers graphical design and visual communication, advertising and has strong support for creating characters and illustrations for individual projects.

Web & Software design has relations to Brand design, but covers the digital side of clients company presentation. Using UserInterface and UserExperience design in web presentations, mobile presentations or specific software applications.




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