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Design Method is a creative product design consultancy. We design and engineer effective solutions for our clients guiding you through the design process and helping create successful products.


Design Method has over 10 years of experience in taking products from concept through to manufacture.
With expertise in many diverse areas of product design and manufacture we believe we are the perfect partner to help you take your project forward.

Product Visualisation
Photorealistic renderings are often used in the early stages of a project to get valuable marketing feedback on new ideas before committing to costly design development.

Images can look so good that companies often prefer to use our rendering service over taking photographs of the products themselves! This is especially true where a product is very large or traditional studio photography is too expensive.

Medical Devices
Medical device design and development is one of the most challenging areas of product design. With experience in ISO13485 and IEC 60601 on a range of medical devices, we have the skills to meet the challenge. We have worked on orthopaedic devices, urology products, radiological devices and surgical equipment for a variety of clients.

Inclusive Design and Usability
Inclusive design isn't just about design for disability products it is a design philosophy. Inclusive design includes all aspects of Human Factors, ergonomics and design for usability. By designing products to be more inclusive products can often become easier to use for everyone.

Designing usable products is a skill it isn't just about anthropometric data and making things "fit". In fact the range of ergonomic tools at the designers disposal mean choosing the right tool can be just as important as how you implement it. So whether you need a complex user interface, user group testing or a complete ergonomic assessment of a products design, we have the skills and tools for the job.



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