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I'm a nerd, a philosopher, an explorer, a foodie, a filmie, a west coast boy turned Brooklynite, a small town country boy turned urbanite, a classic Gemini, a designer, an artist, I try to be kind to mother earth because she kind to me and a cat lover amongst other things. I guess if I had to define it in a few words I would have to say that I’m a collector of experiences.

When I look back on the last 30 years of my life, I would have to say that my experiences are the biggest definer in who I am, I’ve seen many things, known many people and lived in many places that have all left little bits and pieces behind in my pysche that have help developed who I am, not only as a person but as a designer.

When I was in school, an instructor of mine told me that if you didn’t learn something from every project that you work on, your not trying hard enough. This work philiosophy has sorta seeped its way into a life philosophy of mine since that moment. I try to learn something from everything I do and 50 years from now when I’m old and grey... well bald probably; I hope I’m still experiencing new things and learning from them.





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Nick Schmitz
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