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Vodafone Headquarters Building, Oporto

Client: Barbosa & Guimarães - Architects

The Vodafone Headquarters Building, located in one of the most noble zones in Oporto city, is considered by many people an emblematic work and source of inspiration for creativity.
The project authored by the collective of architects Pedro Guimarães and José Barbosa, decorated with several international awards, which emphasizes the “Archdaily Prize Award – Building of the Year 2010?.
With irregular symmetries , the building is characterized as “Life in Motion”, reflecting the company’s own philosophy.
Tridaxis in partnership with Sculptech and Norcam, made a scale model of the building, using the latest advanced 3D printing technology, with equipment ZPrinter 650 from 3D Systems (Z Corporation).
The implementation of the replica has become an ambitious challenge, which according to Pedro Guimaraes “the building of Vodafone reveals a great formal complexity.”
The structure of the piece bears a white shade with transparent acrylic tinted to simulate the triangular windows.
The model is represented on a scale 1:100 with dimensions 641x518x215mm
The final result has reached a satisfactory qualitatively “especially the ability to print in a true way the form of the building, a component associated with plastic / aesthetic,while white concrete building with a sculptural character, monolithic” describes Pedro Guimarães.
The technology used in the production of the model the architect says “reveals a huge potential, especially for the speed, accuracy and ability of the plastic material used.”

Team Members

Hugo Duarte, Rafael Rolo, Luís Couto


Vodafone Headquarters Building, Oporto 3d printing Scale Model Z Corporation Zprinter 650

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