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Janus Enclosure

Client: PerkinElmer

Goddard was recently engaged to put an entirely new spin on an existing product. Our task: To rebrand and update a legacy product that has more than thirteen unique versions. Our design and engineering teams were assigned the significant challenge of creating a new look and easy-to-use design that would be highly scalable for the many different variations of this device.

After developing hundreds of unique concepts and variations, styling and function exercises were performed. From these exercises, we were able to attain a new look that fit well within the current product line and pushed the envelope with one-of-a-kind design features. After the design was complete, our engineering team continued in developing an infinitely adjustable front door and integration of exclusive lighting fixtures.

Goddard’s engineering efforts were continued through the design for manufacturing and vendor selection proves. The product is currently being manufactured, and initial models recently began shipping.


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