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Tower Optical Digital Viewer

Client: Tower Optical

The Tower Optical Digital Viewer creates new ways for people to look at their environments. We modified the internals of the classic Tower Optical viewer to become a customizable tool for displaying media. The new viewer can play videos, slideshows or interactive content to tell stories in public spaces, exhibits, tradeshows, retail, and anything else you need.

Yet, what makes the viewer truly unique is it's potential for an even more amazing and unexpected interactive experience. For instance, you could interact with images, panning or tilting them by moving the viewer. Another possibility is to control a remote camera with the viewer, allowing people to look in difficult to reach areas, like the bottom of the Grand Canyon or next to a bird's nest. You could also create augmented realities, allowing you to customize what you see in any way you want. The view of a neighborhood could point out where stores and restaurants are or show the inside of buildings. You could even play interactive games.

The viewer has been used for its storytelling capabilities. TD Bank recently placed it in Union Square in NYC to engage consumers in a video about their "Going Green" campaign. DUMBO Arts Fest in Brooklyn also used the Tower to show a time lapse video of a mural being painted. The possibilities are endless.

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