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Client: OneBlade

ONEBLADE is the result of more than a year of design and invention, and it is the best shaving experience a man can have. From the moment the package is opened, the product conveys luxury. It feels solid and balanced in the hand. The razor and its stand are solid stainless steel. The head geometry is an open framework, designed to be easy to rinse and maintain. ONEBLADE uses a single-edged Japanese blade, made by the finest shaving blade maker in the world. The loading and unloading of this blade was a carefully considered user experience: the blade is slipped into an opening in the rear of the razor head and snaps into place with an audible click. The open handle design allows for a substantial handle volume while still maintaining a proper weight and balance. In addition, the ONEBLADE razor has a unique suspension and head geometry that provides safety and comfort to complement an incredibly sharp and pure blade edge.


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