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Harry's Razor

Harry’s is a new mens grooming brand which aims to revolutionize the shaving industry.

Harry’s has a clean, considered aesthetic which is the polar opposite of the performance driven styling of the major razor brands. The design of the razor handles takes cues from traditional shaving equipment but they are certainly not retro. They have well-considered ergonomics and are weighted to feel like an extension of the hand. In addition, the predominantly paperboard packaging with minimalist graphics (developed by branding experts Partners & Spade) is a welcome change from the standard blister packs and clamshells.

One of the major differences with Harry’s is it’s innovative web-based distribution model. This allows the brand to provide high quality product (the blades are manufactured in Germany from Swedish steel) at a very affordable price. The brand also has a social mission through it’s initiative “Give a Shave”. Through this program the brand donates a razor blade (or the equivalent dollar value) to organizations who help empower people needing a helping hand to look and feel great.

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