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Cycle Start Inc. is your turnkey solution for every phase of your design cycle requirements, from industrial models to prototypes. The services Cycle Start Inc. provides you include: CAD/CAM/CNC machining, product models, engineering prototypes, casting, finishing, painting, & project management. Cycle Start Inc. uses state of the art CAD/CAM software to drive our high speed CNC machining centers to mill the most complex of CAD surfaces. Our product model making services offer you a range from conceptual foam models, to photo studio quality appearance models. Cycle Start Inc. also offers prototypes ranging from precision engineering prototype, test fixture or electrical mechanical engineering chassis. If increased volume is required for your design Cycle Start Inc. also offers casting in both rigid and flexible urethane resins cast in silicone RTV molds or machined rigid tools. Final finish on your product is a very important and Cycle Start Inc has the expertise to produce the high quality finish on your design, from polishing to custom painting including color and texture matching. Should your design require complicated assemblies Cycle Start Inc. provides project management services and will bring together a core group of partners, which include processes such as sheet metal fabrication, welding, SLA, printing, metal plating. Cycle Start Inc., your solution for industrial models and prototypes.

- CAD/CAM/CNC Machining
- Multi Axis Surface Milling
- 3D CAD Surface Development
- Turning
Product Models
- Appearance Models
- Conceptual Foam Models
- High-End Functional Models
Product Prototypes
- Engineering Check Models
- Modification of Production Parts
- Short-Run Production Machining
- Surface Check Models
- Fine-Hand Finishing
- Hand Polishing
- Vapor Polishing
- Color Matching
- Textures

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Cycle Start, Inc.


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574 E. Weddell Drive, Suite 2
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Todd Frazee
phone: 408-541-1220
fax: 408-541-9404

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