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Andira designs and distributes products and art that are produced fairly and donates a percentage of proceeds to organizations that urgently need funding, such as Merazonia which is a wild animal rescue center located deep in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador.

It is our mission to use the positive and powerful aspects of our industry as fuel for our vision of a thriving rain forest, a healthy planet, and an educated, inspired consumer.

Currently we focus on the marketing, branding, sales, and manufacturing of both in-house and European based apparel brands. Owner and co-founder, Beth Doane is also a consultant focusing on eco friendly design and product development and a public speaker on behalf of the Humane Society. Beth founded The Rain Tee collection in 2007 and designed it with Chicago based designer Bethany Armstrong.

Rain Tees began by donating school supplies to children living in endangered rain forests across Central and South America and asking them to illustrate what they see occurring around them.
For every Rain Tee sold, a child living in endangered rain forest land receives a tree they can plant to replace one that has been destroyed.

All Andira brands are eco-friendly and free of animal product. We work closely with charities such as Merazonia, an animal rescue center in South America.


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