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Ralston & Bau is a cross-competent design studio. They form interiors, products, furniture, and often the whole visual profiling with attention to strong concept and strategic development. Calling their work “human environment design”, they point out their inspiration and responsibility; to create meaningful objects and spaces that will be part of peoples lives.
Birgitta Ralston and Alexandre Bau founded the studio in Paris in 2001. In 2004 Ralston & Bau’s creative base was established in Norway. Designers Dana and Jan Brauer joined the office in 2006, and the designer Åshild Stav in 2010. The office also have educational trainee agreements with European universities.
Ralston & Bau is the creator of Nordic Materials, the innovative material library and network, and Transplant, a design competence centre in Dale i Sunnfjord. ?Since it’s opening in 2007, the Ralston & Bau studio is located in Transplant situated on the shore of the Dalsfjord.
Ralston & Bau is committed to giving each design a sense of meaning and personality. The studio offers total design solutions for public interior spaces; from restaurants and hotels to fair stands and showrooms. ?It’s an A to Z partner in the development of unique concepts, interior architecture, furniture and product design.
The studio has a strong passion for furniture and products that give meaning to a space and peoples lives. Ralston & Bau constantly make research to find ideas of how to integrate innovative materials and processes into its projects aiming for sustainable design practice.? Another research theme is social trends where their designs act to contribute in society as a whole.



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Ralston & Bau - Human Environment Design


  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design

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Main Office

Dale i Sunnfjord, 6963


Birgitta Ralston
phone: +47 577 355 97
Website: www.ralstonbau.com bra@ralstonbau.com

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