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WELLEN is a retail branding agency offering end-to-end solutions that deliver positive brand experience.

For over a decade WELLEN has been developing retail strategies for major European brands like Vodafone, METRO, Philip Morris, ERSTE and Jersey Telecom. WELLEN are retail experts. We have a thorough understanding of the patterns and rhythms of the retail environment and we have developed our own set of tools to help our clients distribute critical information in real-time, increase sales and build their brand.

While we are passionate about everything retail-related, we have a special love for in-store communication, visual merchandising and shop design.

WELLEN is focussed on in-store strategy, design and development to improve results for both retailers and manufacturers. Our in-house strategic, creative and production teams are fully integrated to scale any size of retail program. From gathering customer data to strategy formulation, execution, and measurement, there isn’t a phase of the campaign cycle we do not have covered.

We delight in helping our clients build and maintain a successful retail image through effective and targeted communication that has a direct impact on the bottom-line.
At www.wellen.ca and www.retailblog.ca you’ll find our full set of capabilities and our ongoing impressions of Canadian and international retailing.



  • Vodafone
  • Nike
  • IKI

Wellen Communications Inc.


  • Design Management
  • Interior Design
  • Branding

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Location 1

340 King Street East, #200
Toronto, ON M5A 1K8


David Tlach
phone: 6477707586
Website: www.wellen.ca david.tlach@wellen.ca

Additional Locations


Trebohostická 3165/5a
Prague 100 00
Czech Republic


Petr Šimek
phone: +420 270 004 040
Website: simekp@wellen.cz

UAB wln.studio

S.Žukausko g.2
Vilnius 08240


phone: +370 641 28888
Website: info@wellen.lt

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