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TP-Link Deco Series

Deco is a high-performance home WiFi system that uses TP-Link’s proprietary mesh technology, which automatically switches devices for the best signal as you move around the house. Because these products sit out in the open, the ID needed to be absolutely exquisite in form, detail and color. Furthermore, since you can’t see their actual wireless functionality, we built in subtle metaphorical symbols to suggest speed, range or purpose. From left to right above, the DecoV20 is the first mesh router with a speaker, so we incorporated an acoustic conic reflector and highlighted it in bright red; the DecoM4 needed to release a lot of heat, so we turned the top vent grill into the primary design detail; the DecoX80 is a 5G router that features a spinning form at the top to suggest power; and the X20 and M9 have a top step detail that symbolizes the sweep of a radar to suggest long-range. These products are all best sellers on the market, already shipping hundreds of thousands of units per month.


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