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Gravity Eye Mask

Client: Gravity

Gravity was born out of a partnership between Doris Dev and Futurism, a media company specializing in publishing frontier-tech content across the internet. Futurism wanted to develop a product to sell to their highly engaged audience, but had no experience or infrastructure to support design, development or operations to launch a physical product company. Enter Doris Dev! Following a viral Kickstarter campaign that generated over $4.7M in sales, Doris Dev helped lead design improvements for scale, engage multiple manufacturing partners to support high growth demand, set up operational infrastructure to support e-commerce operations, and lead conversations and setup for offline distribution growth.

Beyond the original weighted blanket, Gravity Blankets has expanded its assortment with new styles, extensions and new product lines with the help from Doris Dev.

Sleep Mask, Duvets, Gravity On the Go, Sleep Supplement. New Products coming soon.


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