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Firmitas Cyber Solutions Ltd., is a technology company providing cyber protection solutions aiming to change the face of communication security as we know it, by treating the Cause rather than the Symptoms.
Firmitas develops software-based cyber-defense solutions to protect connected systems, and specifically mission-critical systems. These next-gen cyber defense technologies will enable improved efficiency and reduced exposure to cyber risks. The cyber-protection can be applied to new systems as well as existing deployment (retro-fitting).

Firmitas came to FIT with the need to create a physical demo system that can demonstrate their cutting edge cyber security solution. There were a few criteria we had to fulfil - we have to create 3 separate objects, ruggedized look and feel, a small production run and above all a strict budget and deadline.

Taking in mind the project nature, requiring a small production run, we started the strategy process by selecting a production method above all other things. The second step was defining the character of the system - tough and "angry" but still slick. After taking in consideration all the different components, we then designed everything from the shape to the mechanical design. One of the peaks in this project was the final assembly that took place in our in-house modeling shop.


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