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Colorfy is a Boutique Design and Product Development Firm based out of Berlin. We work with global clients. We work with Start-Ups as well as big corps.

Colorfy's approach combines the application of new technologies and unique functions. We are proud to be makers – the software, the hardware and how they integrate into a seamless experience - we love the simple joy of crafting and building stuff through iterations, and ultimately the experiences we create through that process. We have an unparalleled passion for the act of making and because passion is best expressed as a manifestation.

Colorfy stands for simplicity and beautiful, helpful designs. With commitment to design, Colorfy creates innovative products that provide customers with an uncompromising, elevated and relevant (design) experience—one that is based on essential needs. Flawless design and lasting durability. Our products don't interfere with the user experience; they enhance it and solve a particular problem. Products that combine convenience with high-quality, contemporary design for the mobile generation. It combines stand-alone products with clear and simple operations,
rather than complicated home installations.

The worlds of consumer electronics, digital entertainment, mobile communications, and computing are colliding head on, and companies that used to operate in just one of those areas are now finding themselves competing against one another in unpredictable ways. And this isn’t just happening in technology: Almost all categories are facing hyper-competition as too many companies fight it out in increasingly commoditized markets. Companies are driven to search out new growth areas, bumping them up against new competitors in new markets in unexpected ways.
Customer demand is shifting from individual products to ecosystems of hardware, software, and services. Aligning and integrating these elements is a major challenge as ecosystems


  • Audi, Avegant, Broadcom, Elgato, Henkel, Philips, Peel



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Colorfy Inc.


  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Interaction Design

Typical Project Budget

$50,000 - $100,000

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