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GE | Cooking up smart kitchen technology

Client: GE Appliances

Since 2012, Pushstart has worked with appliance development teams at GE to elevate kitchen experiences, envision new kitchen appliances, and evolve the role of technology and connectivity in the kitchen. GE has turned to Pushstart across a variety of design, brand, user experience, and strategy initiatives.

Intuitive appliances. With the growth of smart home offerings, consumer demand for technology-rich appliances has grown. While many consumer electronics have minute life-cycles, major appliances must stand the test of time. Pushstart helps GE to find and focus on authentic user benefits over short-lived trends, and to craft the intuitive, adaptive interfaces that consumers crave.

Finding opportunities. Major appliances offer multiple opportunities to enhance user experience. Thinking through a mix of form factors and sub-brands, Pushstart found creative and cost-effective ways to meet evolving consumer needs. Pushstart’s rapid ideation and prototyping enable GE to envision, test, and refine next-generation appliance experiences.


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