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A maker of high-end field hockey equipment in Australia asked Pollywog to name his new company — which would be, in his words, “fanatically focused on design.”

Athletes can be a superstitious lot. They do certain things in a certain way, at a certain time. The right shin guard first, the left second. Always wear the lucky socks. Why? Because a deep belief in a competitive edge helps them to win. Our client’s commitment to his design beliefs was equally fervent, and he envisioned handcrafted sticks and gear using luxury materials at a level of quality the industry had never seen.

Associated with spirituality, faith and fervor, Ritual is intense and mysterious. The religious connection is unique in the industry, commanding attention and immediately setting the brand apart from competitors while also connecting on a deep personal level with athletes.

The combination of the Ritual brand story and the company’s superior equipment provided a natural platform for endorsements by field hockey celebrity athletes. In ads and other media, a number of them not only praise the equipment’s superior performance but also describe their own personal pre-game rituals. By sharing their personal ritual, each new endorsing athlete adds another chapter to Ritual’s provocative brand story.


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