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The riding experience in a New York City’s yellow cab is getting a makeover. The industrial design team at Bluemap Design collaborate with Curb Mobility to create RYDE, a new passenger-facing tablet system that gives riders an interactive experience to make commutes more enjoyable.
Our research indicated that the pervious design has a small and bulky screen mounted low on the back of the driver/rider partition. Customers often have hard time seeing what is on the screen because of the awkward position. They also complain about the sound quality and difficult to change the volume. The number one request from the customers were to have a USB port to charge their phones. With that in mind we design the new unit with an integrated 10-inch tablet, a pair of hi-quality speakers and a USB port for charging all house in a sleek and slim casing. The screen is angled and mounted at eye level. The customers are now presented with a modern tablet interface that they are familiar with. RYDE support a variety of third-party apps, including an successor to the current Taxi TV media platform. The RYDE system unlocks new possibilities for brands and advertisers while introducing passengers to a new generation of in-cab entertainment.


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