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Smallest Wireless ECG Device

Client: BTL

The award winning BTL Flexi 12 ECG system is the world’s smallest ECG device that sends records wirelessly despite the patient’s location. This system is extremely flexible which simplifies work not only in the hospital or medical office, but also in the field. It gives freedom to both, the doctor as well as the patient and let’s them stay connect throughout.

Despite its pocket-size it provides baseline stability and clear visibility of all important parameters from P-waves to the last notches on QRS making the ECG signal from BTL absolutely remarkable. Moreover, this system is paperless which saves costs and reduces the exposure to bisphenol used in thermo-printing.

While creating this product, various tests, usability studies and design iterations we carried out before arriving at the final design. Elements like – semiotics, ergonomics, how and where the device should be worn and how it should be clipped into position were taken into consideration.

The buttons were placed on the side instead of the front so that the ECG could be operated while it was worn. The battery was placed at the bottom, closer to the belt clip so it wouldn’t move or prop up. Apart from this, since it is a medical device special care was taken in the overall design and engineering to ensure that we have a robust handheld product that complies to all necessary standards.


IDA Bronze Award 2018


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