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Design connects. It lives between our ideas and the creation of a memorable experience. Fluid, integrative, dynamic—it complements our lives, engages our senses and provokes our emotions. It is an equal blend of creativity and process. Design connects humanity and facilitates in the sharing of our unique stories.

At Orange Element, we transform these beliefs into work that forges a strong lasting connection between a company and a consumer. Our creative work places an emphasis on blending strong concepts with inspired executions to create magnetic brands.

We are a team of designers, artists, strategists, friends, activists, and passionate visual thinkers. We work and play. We balance and challenge each other and we love what we do. We have created a firm for creative exploration and collaboration—for ourselves and our clients. We seek, absorb, question, learn and strive to create design that has impact.

Our service areas are built to support and connect a company's brand through design, strategy, identity, advertising, direct marketing, environmental graphics, and interactive solutions.


DAThis firm is an adopter of the Designers Accord


  • Citifinancial
  • Comcast
  • Peace Corps
  • Maryland Film Festival
  • The Brick Companies
  • Department of Energy



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  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Communication

Main Office

330 South Broadway
Baltimore, MD 21231
United States


Aaron Moore
phone: 410.244.7221
fax: 410.244.7221
Website: Orange Element Blog

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