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About Us

Motion Arts Media is a media company that produces after effects templates for video producers, after effects editors, and motion graphic designers.

With our templates, users can create videos for campaigns, social content, presentations, and much more. Our templates range from logo animations, intro videos, logo stings, promo video templates, openers, video transition, text animations, Instagram story templates, and animated assets.

Video editors and digital marketers can use our digital products to quickly produce, brand, and deliver content across all channels. Our templates make it easy to create visuals that communicate to your audience in the most impactful way.

Create moments that feel breathless and refreshing for your audience. Create Visuals that make them Remember.

We give you the tools to create those moments that feel breathless & refreshing; Create the Visuals that make them Remember.

To Inspire creative animations that encourage connecting and sharing.

How Are We Unique
We work together with art directors to create the best quality templates any video producer or editor could purchase. We also make sure there is a multitude of options to easily brand & use the template to not be the same as how someone else uses it.

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