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Innovation is not creativity, design or technology in isolation. It doesn't require the ability to predict the future. It’s born from a very logical and holistic approach.

There are some great examples where individuals or companies have developed trailblazing new technologies that have revolutionized industries. However, development on this scale requires big budgets, patience, and acceptance of a high rate of failure. The risks are as great as the rewards.

A more purposeful approach is to focus on delivering an experience. By combining existing technologies and innovations in a meaningful way, a new experience can be created.

Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) are a great example of this. The recording technology it utilizes far preceded the DVR invention. However, it arguably changed the way we watch television forever. There are many more similar examples.

At Launch, we focus on understanding your business and the experience that your brand strives to deliver. Our approach goes beyond the form solution of a single product. Instead, we seek to develop the opportunities that surround that product, and its relationship to your holistic brand experience.

We have the tools to seek out the experiences that your consumers crave, establish guardrails on how to deliver that experience and a Connect To Develop model that links your strategy to existing technologies. Our experience and processes are designed to deliver product experiences quickly and with less risk.

Let us create an experience for you.


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Launch Design, LLC


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