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Taur - Urban Electric Scooter

Client: Taur Technologies

Working closely with Taur’s engineering and marketing teams, our role was to turn Taur’s functional prototype (two wheels, some welded pipes, a motor and a bunch of battery cells) into a sophisticated and elegant design that reflects confidence and robustness throughout the product.

Taking into account that time is a really important factor for small start-ups like Taur, we considered functionality and manufacturing constraints from the beginning and followed a lean design approach so the engineering team could have a smooth and effortless transition into the manufacturing stage. This was achieved through a number of fast and intense sprints, making good use of our sketching, 3D modelling and visualisation skills.

The result of this collaboration is a unique electric scooter that feels more stable and comfortable than any other, providing a game-changing riding experience that sets it apart from other electric scooters currently on the market, and a characteristic aesthetic that makes it immediately recognisable from a distance.

The compact form factor adds to the carefully considered folding mechanism to ensure maximum portability and sets the Taur scooter to transform the commuter experience.

Team Members

Fabio Salvador, Josh Elgood


Kickstarter Fully Funded in 3 Days 2020


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