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Simple Booth | Adding photobooth fun to the social revolution

Client: Simple Booth

Photo Booth’s market leading photobooth software is well loved by partygoers and professional party planners alike. As the team searched for hardware to house their digital product, they quickly realized they’d need to build their own. We partnered with Photo Booth to help turn their event-tested prototype into a fully realized and manufacturable design.

Perpetual motion. Photo Booth’s hardware had to be super durable, as booths must continually travel from corporate events to wedding receptions and more. Pushstart examined user feedback for improvement ideas, then targeted hardworking materials and effective manufacturing strategies to make the booths great looking, more usable, lighter, and stronger all at the same time.

Bespoke vision. Photo Booth’s own prototypes were expensive, time consuming, and custom made. Pushstart helped the team envision hardware that retained design intent while enabling streamlined, scalable production. We also worked with our manufacturing partners to find a way for Photo Booth to start with lower volumes before scaling to full production.

Finite budget. Like many small entrepreneurial teams, Photo Booth needed to make the most of their money. To avoid extra up-front tooling costs, it was critical to get it right the first time. Pushstart used in-house prototyping, extensive testing, and manufacturer feedback to quickly refine a production-ready design. Our attention to detail paid off in the success of Photo Booth’s Halo.


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