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BrightLoc Bike Light & Lock Combo

Client: BrightLoc

The plethora of cycling accessories on the market fail to address an overarching combination of issues cyclists face. In response BrightLoc developed a tough-as-nails U-lock, constructed with hardened steel and a keyed double deadbolt for maximum security designed to promote cyclist safety and combat property theft. We combined this with an advanced 360-degree lighting system of LED modules able to attach and detach from the lock to create the ultimate cycling accessory. The BrightLoc system provides theft protection along with a visual appearance much larger than what motorists are used to seeing on the road.

It's no secret that cycling has many benefits to a community, but rider entry can be challenging. To put it plainly, many people are afraid to be on the road with motorists, and for good reason. On average, 2 cyclists die every day from bicycle related accidents. Along with rider safety, bicycle and accessory theft is a major issue for users. In the U.S, a bike is stolen every 2.5 minutes and nearly $1 billion of cycling related accessories are stolen every year.

BrightLoc and Trig worked together to identify the unmet needs in the cycling community, including increased rider safety, bicycle security, minimized accessories, and overall promotion of cycling as a healthy lifestyle. BrightLoc provides unique solutions to these issues through its innovative combination of lock and light systems, which improves street safety, helps riders feel more secure on the road, and provides a greater sense of bike and accessory theft protection. The classic U-lock construction provides maximum theft protection while its coating protects the bicycle’s finish. Elegantly designed detachable light modules allow for multiple use cases including being left on the bicycle without concern for theft or being taken as a personal lighting accessory.

BrightLoc went from university project to Kickstarter campaign through the assistance of Trig’s design for manufacture (DFM) and

Team Members

Connie Tran, Brian Himelright


IDSA IDEA Finalist 2019


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