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Appart_ is a multidisciplinary design consultancy network providing product design, graphic design, branding and innovation services globally. We operate from our collaborative studios in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam and Chicago.

We are passionate people who bring user-driven products and experiences that help make life easier. Our method is based around collaboration, coming together to execute purposeful strategies.

Our core capabilities are:

- Product design and development.
- Graphic design and branding.
- Web design and digital experiences.
- Service design, research and insight.
- Business innovation and design strategy.
- Marketing and product launch.


  • Atzavara
  • Rangsit University
  • Meinl
  • PD Components
  • Coca-Cola
  • Flying Fish
  • EASM
  • Rucker Lypsa
  • 3D Surface
  • Dobsia
  • Novum
  • The Middle Man
  • W-Apparel
  • Caggioni
  • Brullet De Luna
  • FC Barcelona
  • HelloChurros!
  • Vind
  • a2bm
  • Croqueta
  • The Smile Bar
  • Airozon
  • HTC



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