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FLUX Branding is a full service marketing firm in Downtown Los Angeles.

We ask the right questions, do the necessary research and talk to the right people because your brand matters. Figuring out who you really are, right now is the foundation of our process. What we do next is magic, well that’s what it can feel like. But what we know is that pulling a rabbit out of a hat is not really magic at all. It is the product of hard work, preparation, professionalism and diligent execution. That’s how we see our ideas. A product of our proven process that produces ideas that work like magic and create an “AHA moment” for your brand.

Attention is short in the marketplace. You only have it for a moment and then it’s gone. Good design and great strategy cannot save a sub-par product, but sub-par strategy and uninspired design can doom even the most promising new idea. And whether ours, yours, or ours together, ideas are everything.

We like light, healthy food, good music and great conversation. We like the culture of Downtown, the freedom of wireless anything and meetings on the roof. We work hard, play well with others and love what we do. We know you will too.




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