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Performa Design was founded in 2003 by Industrial Designer Claudia Largacha. It is a company that creates and develops products for a variety of manufacturers.

Based on the clients’ global business strategy, we take care of developing their new products and re-designing the old ones with the only purpose of turning design into a key competitive advantage that ultimately impacts sales and on the bottom line increases profits.

For Performa Design, a well designed object is the one that achieves all of the following: The person at the factory is happy to produce it, the sales person is proud to show it, and the end user is attracted to buy it and satisfied when using it.

We know how important it is for our clients to hit the shelves with successful products, and with design we help them to do so.


  • Designtech Intl. Hopkins Manufacturing Plastihogar S.A. Digare Design Brandingdang Diprotec LTDA



Staff Size

2 - 5

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