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Becton Dickinson BACTEC FX

Client: Becton Dickinson (BD)

The BD BACTEC FX is a microbial detection system used for growing and detecting microorganisms in clinical specimens. The product's ergonomically optimized design offers an efficient work flow and high-capacity output with a small footprint. It has a compact and versatile system design, offering a 200-vial benchtop unit or a full 400 vial stack with an embedded, centralized computer in a compact 24-inch linear space.

Improved laboratory workflow, ease of use and space savings are the key, innovative, attributes of the system. Because laboratory staff and space are at a premium, reducing the footprint and the lab's hands-on time was critical for customer acceptance of this product. According to the BD Program Manager, "... we not only improved workflow, but we also helped brighten the laboratory.


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