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About Us

We create simple, engaging user experiences that fuel business growth. From research through to delivery and testing, digital is all we do.

We value warm relationships and good-humour. Exceptional results are achieved through trust and mutual respect. We are listeners first — you know what problems your business faces better than anyone, it’s our job to help you uncover and overcome them.

We want our work to make a positive difference in the world — that’s why we align ourselves with good folk doing the same. 10 years of design experience working on projects for GSK, NHS, GfK, RSPCA, VRA and a plethora of ambitious startups has shown us the power of good design.


  • Nidecker
  • NHS
  • GSK
  • GfK
  • GAME
  • Endemol

Caboodle UX Studio


  • Interaction Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design

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37-39 Southgate Street
Winchester, Hampshire
United Kingdom


Website: Caboodle UX Studio

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