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360° Portable Photography Studio

Client: ORDRE

In order to disrupt the luxury fashion market and offer a next level service to clients like GUCCI, Tom Ford and Channel, ORDRE needed to design a completely new photography studio.

ORDRE approached Tone to help design the solution. We managed the process from early ideas, building a fully working prototype in-house and progressing the designs to manufacture.

By focussing on the user, we were able to develop a fully enclosed and automated system, which can be set up in just 10 minutes and packed down into 4 suitcases. The studio can fly across the world and fit into the back of an Uber.

Our workshop facilities and experience allowed us to build a fully functioning aesthetic prototype in-house, testing everything from the electronic wiring through to the fabric tension.

Team Members

Oscar Daws, Matthew Durbin, Huw Williams, Kumiko Oya


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