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GEMINI X Gaming PC Case

Client: COUGAR

Dual Build, Dual Force

As gamers may also use gaming PCs for multiple purposes and tasks, COUGAR wanted to come up with a powerful solution that can meet all sorts of computing demands. The CRE8 team worked collaboratively with COUGAR to develop GEMINI X, which has the capacity to not only accommodate a dual system, but to allow you to build two full computers within a single case.

Inspired by a catamaran, the two chambers can be linked together or stand independently. On top of that, it works both vertically and horizontally to suit your space distribution and to show off your RGB displays. For the best overclocking and gaming experience, the highly robust modularized frames offer maximized customizability and capacity for high-performance accessories. With up to five fans and a massive lateral vent each, the dual-tower case provides clever cable management and creates enhanced airflow for heat dissipation.

GEMINI X has set a high standard and a brand new design language for its peer products.


iF Design Award 2019


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