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•Rapid prototype models and parts
•Fully integrated CAD/CAM, IGES and DXF compatible
•CNC machining
•Silicone rubber and urethane molds made from master models
•Duplicate models - cast in a wide variety of heat resistant resins, infinite number of colors, transparent, translucent, or specified durometers.
•Rotational molded parts, in castable resins
•Vacuum Forming
•Vacuum Casting
•Screen Printing
•Low volume production parts
•Models built from line drawings, 2D, or 3D Files
•Small to medium miracles, reserved for repeat customers

Rapid Prototyping Models and Parts
When the need is a model, we offer a variety of methods for getting the best model as quickly as possible.

CAD/CAM Technology
Whatever the software or platform, whether it's a line drawing or a 3D computer file, parts can be fabricated to meet the designer's wishes. This includes molded type, raised or recessed, high polish or textured finishes, quick study models, or detailed working appearance models.

CNC Machining
When needing an accurate appearance model or prototype, CNC machining is often the best method. This is especially true for parts not yet having 3D files, or parts that are less complex internally, metal or plastic

This process allows for the quickest turn around for the more complex parts. This process will often provide for the best results when a part is required to proof a drawing or to use in a "looks like, works like" model.

RTV Molding / Pre-Production Tooling
Rubber molds can be made from any master model for preproduction tooling or short run samples. For some products this allows parallel development and minimizes the lead-time getting a product to market. Appearance models make it possible for market research, carton artwork, and sales brochure photography to be completed prior to production. While engineering models allow for product verification and testing to begin, sales sample models allow the


  • IDSA
  • APMM


  • Smart Design
  • ECCO
  • Boombang
  • Swerve
  • Pollen Design
  • Eleven
  • Altitude
  • Edge
  • iRobot
  • Conair
  • RAM Design
  • IBM



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Copesetic Inc


  • Industrial Design
  • Packaging
  • Research

Typical Project Budget

less than $10,000

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70 East Main Street
PO Box 1119
Morrisville, NY 13408
United States


Eric Beyer or Tony Lee
phone: 315-684-7780
fax: 315-684-7790

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