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Calor Mini BBQ

Client: Calor


Fun, food and laughter. Spending time together in the fresh air feels good. Pure pleasure and the food tastes great. This was central to our thinking when we embarked on re-energising the Calor brand.

Our vision was to create a new experience around the family. More than simply cooking food, an experience that excites and augments time together outdoors. Something so convenient it might inspire you to do it more often.

The Mini BBQ is a neat portable gas barbeque that’s generous enough to contain the essential equipment and easy to carry one-handed to the park or beach. A familiar paradigm that’s super practical to set up and prepare delicious food for the family. Easily cleaned and stored for the next day in the fresh air.

The Mini BBQ is a significant step forward in the evolution of the Calor brand and an innovative experience for people who value spending time together outdoors.

Team Members

Mathew Bates, Jimmy Rennick, Diarmuid MacMahon


iF Product Design Award 2014, Good Design Product Design Award 2013


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