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At ZCD Product Design Studio, Clients are the source of inspiration and the basis of our creativity – they inspire our design solutions. We know our Clients possess a vast knowledge of their market and unparalleled desire to produce superior products.

That’s why we listen. ZCD Product Design Studio provides a streamlined design and development process with state of the art technology and enhanced business integration. After careful preparation and a thorough understanding, we begin a creative exploration to implement a technically superior solution. We efficiently and effectively focus complete design service to help each project reach the peak of its potential. Fulfilling need is the beginning, but exceeding expectations, no matter the market, is our trademark.


Consult - Let's Discuss & Familiarize
First we listen. We listen to Client concerns, discuss their market, ideas, and competition. Then we ask questions, we digest the project, we get a clear game-plan set in place, and we make sure every step of the project will be clearly defined to ensure success.

Research - What's Already Out There?
Second, we assess the competition and get inspired. We fully grasp the importance of establishing product placement prior to committing conceptual explorations.

Concept - Let's Get Creative & Explore
Here’s where we get creative. We brainstorm, analyze, research, and sketch. Every team member brings as many ideas and solutions to the table as possible and we work to combine all our client’s wishes with every added value and feature we can conceive.

Refine & Develop - Filter & Solidify
Working with our clients we decide on the most effective route towards success. we refine and re-imagine the concepts in collaboration with our client’s feedback, engineering, and design team. Each component is then carefully developed to ready for manufacture and final assembly prior to market release.



  • Honorable Mention International Design Awards 20012


  • Fluxion Biosciences
  • Bluescape
  • Plexus
  • B Cycle
  • Metron Farnier
  • Transparent Technologies
  • Pure Energy, Inc
  • Philips Medical
  • EI Medical
  • Inspire Fitness
  • Medtronic Navigation



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