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Zero-Nine Design is a multi-diciplinary design studio with many years of experience in developing solution specific design for companies of all sizes. Specializing in design based on social interaction research, the principals of human behavior around technology. Technology must have a visual communication to be a useful tool. At Zero-Nine we help clients develop and communicate the language of their technology.

Clients Include: Acclaim Communications Ample Communications Boy King Manufacturing Coherent Semiconductor Division Enuncia Communications Gadzoox Networks Kodak Imagination Works Michael Patrick partners Monsanto Life Sciences Monterey Design Systems Moz Designs Panasonic Interactive Media Plumtree Software Protect Data Securities Silicon Valley Research True West Video+Post


  • Industrial Design

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329 Bryant Street, Suite 1C
Silicon Valley, CA 94960
United States


David Moore
phone: 415-947-0900
fax: 415-947-0223

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