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Glantz Design
A Strategically Creative Studio

Our Story is simple.
50% strategy, 50% creative and 100% dedicated to exceeding
your expectations.

We are a company that wears many hats. Sometimes it’s the
business hat (how can I get a better ROI?) and sometimes it’s the designer hat (can you create a website, logo, advertisement or brochure for my company?) Some call us a jack-of-all-trades, renaissance men, polymaths – yet we just really observe everything. We are idea aficionados. We believe in the power of strategic design to magnify life, catalyze communication, and empower companies and the people who preside over them. We like to solve problems you haven’t thought of yet.

Glantz Design, founded by Keith Glantz, has won awards, made
some companies richer and has seen what it takes to keep clients
very happy.

Glantz Design custom designs every website that we work on. Everyone’s goals are different, but OUR goals are quite simple:
1. A website built so well that your back hurts from all the compliments you receive.
2. Your pockets swell with all of the new found money you receive from transforming prospects into clients.
3. A search engine optimized beauty so people can find you.

We only want to work with you if your aspirations are bigger than your budget. We treat all our clients as partners. We listen and will honestly tell you if you look fat in that dress (if you ask). Your agency must stress creativity and strategy and have to defy the ordinary through extraordinary means. Smart solutions shouldn’t cost you any money, but should have you adding zeros to your bank account. Our goal is much more than drawing a pretty picture – it is creating a
lasting impression.

Glantz Design


  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Branding

Typical Project Budget

$25,000 - $50,000

Main Office

1881 Oak Avenue
Suite 300
Evanston, IL 60201
United States


Keith Glantz
phone: 847-864-8003
Website: Glantz Design

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