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InVeritas Research is a global full service Qualitative and Quantitative research company providing primary data collection, opinion mining and sentiment analysis to understand how consumers behave and why, we do this by collecting data from over 5 million panelists worldwide and reaching target audiences as per client requirements and uncovering factors that drive them to behave the way they do. This helps our clients to discover and analyse new insights and navigate through unprecedented challenges in new and unfamiliar markets and thus make confident decisions.
We offer bespoke research services across all industry verticals and have an expert team with extensive experience in working closely with clients across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific Middle-East, Africa and delivering highest quality data while employing methodologies cost effectively.

InVeritas Research offers:

In-Depth and Face to Face Interviews
Computer Aided Personal interviews (CAPI)
Paper questionnaire data entry and verification
Online Surveys / Web Based Surveys
Central Location Tests
Ethnography Studies
Mystery Shopping
In-House Computer Aided Telephonic Interview (CATI) stations
Focus Groups / Online Focus Groups
Usability and Testing
Summary reports


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