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The Bohen Foundation

Client: The Bohen Foundation

The Bohen Foundation “operates under the sign of transition,” with output unbound by any singular destination or form. It supports contemporary artists, independent organizations, and visual culture, and has operated both in New York and abroad. The Bohen Foundation needed a website and book that was more reflective of its unique, flexible nature. To help audiences understand the breadth and depth of Bohen’s output, we needed to bring coherence to a large archive of projects, and do it in a visually compelling way—a way that invoked the unique creativity of the Foundation.

We designed and developed a website that offered multiple entry points into Bohen’s history: a scrollable feed, a loose and filterable timeline, an artist list, tags—and ‘history strips’ that reflect the projects visitors spend the most time on, allowing them to re-explore it. Details like the history strips were inspired by the inventive modularity of the Foundation’s West 13th street space, designed by architectural design studio LOT/EK. Both visually compelling and conceptually relevant to the Foundation’s identity, the building’s architecture provided an essential point of inspiration for the website. In addition to these features, we supplied a backend that allows the client to easily add and change content as they continue their path forward.

The Bohen Foundation’s website finally reflects its unique spirit and approach to working with artists. Their team proved to be one of our favorite collaborators; it was a pleasure to work with them, from the start of the process to end product.


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