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Pat Turner Studios offers over 20 years of illustration and design experience to our diversified client list. We are considered one of the top freelance studios for 3D illustration and modeling and our finished artwork drops jaws even at the larger 3D studios.

PT Studios has developed a reputation for producing exciting, superbly executed imaging (and design) within the design/illustration industry. Our 20 years experience allows us to work both efficiently and reliably with a minimum of fuss at your end - and at a price you can afford.

Our work is considered some of the best in North America as our long history with traditional art skills allows us to perform an entire 3D modeling project as one combined task. Your project doesn't go through several different hands during its course and you talk directly to the person working your job at all times.

One person, one experienced and focused vision for the extent of your job. We know what makes a good finished image and we are intimately aware of every facet of your project to ensure that you get that perfect finished image.

As a freelance style company, we are also used to the incredible hours that often accompany some of the larger projects (visit our website to see some of these marathon projects). Our lower overhead allows these huge projects to proceed where they might well go over budget elsewhere.

We also have solid, traditional design skills to back up all of the imaging projects we are involved with.

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