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Jewelry Liquidation is an online store based in California that features a wide array of beautiful and handcrafted jewelry for both men and women. We are a trusted online store associated with many popular jewelry brands that keep up with the newest trends and bring out an exhaustive collection of jewelry every now and then. Jewelry Liquidation features jewelries that are suited to be liked by people of all tastes and suited for all kinds of special and casual occasions. The store is highly interactive, organized, and includes cart and review to improve user satisfaction. Customizable premium jewelry, initial jewelry, zodiac jewelry, birthstone graduation jewelry, and wedding trio sets are few of the most popular jewelry items on our online store. Apart from these, Jewelry Liquidation also features beautiful rings, pendants, wedding bands, toe rings, earrings, and necklaces, all made from either of the following gold variants: two tone gold, solid yellow gold, tri-color gold, and real yellow gold. Gold rings for men, women and babies; toe rings made of gold and studded with diamond, sapphire or enamel; attractive and customizable wedding bands; pendants with an exhaustive collection of the trendiest designs; customized wedding trio sets for the bride and the groom; earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are featured on our online store. For details on shipping and warranty of products, visit and



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