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ZEISS Simple Eyewear Disinfection

Client: ZEISS

The ZEISS UVClean is a powerful, yet simple UV disinfection tool for eyecare professionals. The uncomplicated one-button process initiates a cycle of UV light to effectively disinfect up to 6-10 pairs of eyeglasses in just 40 seconds. This innovative device uses no liquids or chemicals and produces no waste due to its use of 4 germicidal UVC bulbs that bathe each frame in powerful UV light.

The ZEISS UVClean kills up to 99.5% of common viruses and bacteria on the surface of eyeglasses*, making it fast and safe for eyewear retailers to keep their customers protected.

Shed some light

The recent pandemic has caused nearly every industry to evaluate their practices and make changes to better protect their employees and customers. Sometimes a small change is all it takes, while others have required more innovation to efficiently keep people healthy. The new awareness of easily transmissible germs and viruses has exposed challenges in the eyewear industry of serving numerous customers each day along with the plethora of frames and lenses being touched during visits. New standard practices require every single pair of frames to be set aside for extended periods of time until an employee becomes available to thoroughly disinfect them. This means a large amount of frame inventory is unavailable after each visit and productivity is consumed by manual cleaning of each frame – both validating the need for a fast and safe cleaning method to keep those frames available for the next customer.

Having previously collaborated on projects, Trig and Voxelight LLC worked together to develop the ZEISS UVClean. With Voxelight being experts on UV light from their Sunscreenr product, and already having a relationship with ZEISS, it made sense to partner on the ZEISS UVClean to transition it from concept to manufactured product. Trig assisted with design & development tasks such as concept illustrations, prototype CAD, Design for Manufacture and product rendering. As a leader i


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