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T2 Design was featured developing two products on ABC's hit TV show "American Inventor", and is rated "A" by the Better Business Bureau. Services include: industrial design, prototype construction, patent searching, digital circuit design, mechanisms design, engineering for production, manufacturing sourcing, China sourcing, and liaison.

Products developed by T2 Design include:
The Fast Track Tie Rack (Electric Tie Rack for the Closet)
Tea Magic (Blends and Brews four types of Tea)
Barbeclaw (Barbecue utensil)
The Perfect Order Drawer Organizer
Skids (in-line front skate brake)
Airline Headphones (pneumatic transmission type)
Sound Memory (photo frame with a voice chip)
The Stove Top Grill
The Moon Mug (keeps drinks cold for hours)
Seasonart (season rack and dispenser)
Piggybanker (electronic piggy bank)
The Stove Top Waffle Iron
The Zero Max Cat Litter Box (by Booda Products, Inc)
The Swiss Cooking Tool (multi-function cooking utensil)
The Foot Massager (electric foot massager)
The Woblong (throwing toy)
Turbo Wash (automobile washing wand)
The Puppet Kooler (character shaped drink holder)
Dispensa Plate (paper plate dispenser)
Digital Wall Switch Timer for A.M.F.
Front Spoiler for Ford Explorer
Front Spoiler for Toyota Forerunner
Pepper-Mate Pepper Sprayer (a pepper sprayer for joggers)
The Box Seat (promotional item)
The Rally Rattle ( Arizona Diamond Backs Cheering Rattle)
Tech Tray (adapts to cup holders)
One Touch Self Cleaning Pet Brush
Bob’s Staple Box (for carrying roofing staples)
Body Aline(posture development chair)
Instant Tea Brewer (commercial tea brewer)
In Your Face Viewbase (Ipod stand)
The Knit Kit (multi function tool for knitters)
The Drop Stop (car accessory)
Flip Fork (advanced manure fork)
Click Click St. Nick (remote controlled Christmas Tree Extension Cord)
Clip'n'Go Mints & Gum (clips to key-chain)
Dilotrax (dynamic splinting system)
The Jury Case (jury selection organizer)
Reviver (disposable clothing deodorizers)




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